Spectacular activities being carried out in our kindergarten
76th AGM at Arts & Commerce College Auditorium
Platinum Jubilee Celebration Day !!
What a splendid Performance by our students!!

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Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal has been the pioneer in establishing educational awareness and technical upgradation in Kapadwanj and its surrounding villages.

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Shri S. C. Dani Primary Health Centre

In the platinum jubilee year, Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal (KKM) feels proud to announce a primary health clinic at its main campus.To provide perfect health care to students in Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal


To motivate our students to achieve high goals in their life, Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal tries to reach out a little hand for the upcoming bright future! Let us work together for the greater good and glory of the children. We have miles to go before we sleep.


Tapping the valuable resource of bright but underprivileged children and teachers in rural India, we provide an environment in which they can create, tinker, seek solutions and find them. We encourage inquiry from children, who are inquisitive by nature!


Each and every one of you enjoys a very special and unique relationship with KAPADWANJ KELAVANI MANDAL. This needs to be nurtured and strengthened. We will be sending regular communications to you by e-mail and would welcome any feedback and suggestions. Please spare a minute to fill up the form & also tell all your alumni friends to go to our website and REGISTER on it.


Pipal Tree attempts to create a symbiosis of the personal, the social and the ecological that leads to sustainable development practices.

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