Kapadwanj Kelavani Mandal

Estd: 1940

Place: Late Shri Ratilal Shankarlal Shah Smruti Bhavan,
Dakor Road,
Dist. Kheda
Gujarat, India

In the year 1940, a few citizens of Kapadwanj decided to start a school with the vision to provide affordable and quality education to prepare citizens of Independent India.

From the modest beginning of starting a one room school in rented premises the trust has grown in 5 campuses with adequate land for 13 institutions and playgrounds. From 20 students and 1 teacher the organization has grown to more than 7000 students and sufficient teachers and professors.

Our journey started with Shri C N Vidhyalaya and for first 60 years we could establish Jadavba Shishu Kendra, Shri Maneklal Desai Kishor Mandir, P. B. Science College, Arts & Commerce College, all govt-aided institutes.
In 1991 we opened O.C Sheth computer training centre and from 2001 we added three colleges.
In the year 2001 the trust opened self finance English Medium Nursery and Primary school.
In the year 2005 trust started Gujarati Nursery and Primary Self Finance School. In the same year the trust started PTC College. And after 3 years it added B. Ed College. The trust also opened a College for BCA and ran it for 4 years. Unfortunately, because of recession in IT industry this college is closed now.

Since 1960 the trust is managing the following institutions:
» Shree Jadavaba Shishu Kendra
» Shree M V Parikh Eng. Med. School (Nursery)
» Shree Spandan Balmandir
» Shree Maneklal Desai Kishor Mandir
» Shree S C Dani Primary School (Guj. Med.)
» Smt. C D Gandhi Eng. Med. Primary School
» Shree Champaklal Navchetan Vidhyalaya
» Shree S C Dani Sec. & H.Sec. School (Guj. Med.)
» Smt. C D Gandhi Eng. Med. Sec. & H.Sec. School
» Smt. S K Shah College of Education (B.Ed College)
» Shah K S Arts and V M Parekh Commerce College
» Parekh Brothers Science College.
» A small Occupational Training Center

Apart from above, the trust has more than 7 Computer Training Centers where, from basic DTP to CAD, Tally, Web Designing, C, C++, etc. programs are taught. The center is ISO9001:2008 certified and has approval of DOEACCE.

The trust has contributed to Parikh Technical High School by constructing a Vocational Training Center namely Kantaben Suryakant Dani vocational training center. The trust is also active in non-traditional educational and training program like “PRAUDH SIKSHAN”, Pre-primary teacher’s training, First Aid training, sports and other art trainings(music, dance, marshal art, etc.)

The trust is managed by the managing committee and a team of office bearers who are fully honorary workers with ZERO remuneration. Every 3 years the managing committee is democratically elected.

From year 2009-10 the trust is expanding its reach in areas other than education verticals namely Medical Services and Medical Education. We intend to manage a 60-100 bed hospital in Kapadwanj. We also intend to connect this service with villages by partnership with organizations like TF.

We intend to impart training in construction and related industry, by training about 500 drop out students every year by incorporating a partnership with “PIPALTREE”. Its focus at present is to built-up more livelihood skill building.
We are also starting an outreach program for schools in villages to promote science by establishing a "SCIENCE CENTRE" through partnership with Agastya Foundation.